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Welcome to Indie Invasion

Hello, welcome to Indie Invasion. For now only the song will be included in the podcast but soon I'll begin making vocal commentaries rather than writing them. I'm Carlos Killpack and I love music, I guess you could even say its my addiction, and I'm your host for Indie Invasion. About once a week I will bring you the best free and legal Indie music on the web, I hope you enjoy it.

Farewell everyone. Today's the day that Indie Invasion is switching over to Wordpress. Luckily for you (and me) Indie Invasion is syndicated through FeedBurner so nobody is going to find a broken feed in their podcast window (or where ever you keep you podcasts). So please head over to and enjoy the new site.


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pourquoi me Reveiller - Divided by Four

Imagine this, a Dutch band, with a French name, that sings in English. They're cool, in fact I would consider them to be eclectic rock. (cool, huh) Check them out and I will guarantee that you will enjoy this eclectic music.

Emilsson - Another part IV

Check out Emilsson, an indie techno composer. This song is from his album Almost which includes four techno songs that appear to be somehow connected. Check out the link for more.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Josh Woodward - She Dreams in Blue

Say hello to Josh Woodward, another indie singer-songwriter. If you've noticed I've been posting a lot of these types of artists, mostly because they are awesome. Josh Woodward, however, doesn't exactly fit into the "singer-songwriter" category, he is one but his music is widely experimental. He plays all sorts of music...just check out this song, and his website (for more).

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lorenzo's Music - Down the Stairway

I just gotta say that Lorenzo's Music (this being the name of the band, if you where wondering) is awesome. I mean what could be better than rock combined with a saxophone? Seriously? But don't let me tell you, find out for your self. By the way, check out their website (click on the title of this post)